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Considering Withdrawal?

 The University of Montana


Withdrawing with Financial Aid

If you have taken out loans, you must complete the loan exit counseling when you leave school. This will help you in repayment of your loans.

Withdrawal (official)

Students who wish to leave school before the end of the term should officially withdraw through the Registration Station in Griz Central (Missoula College students officially withdraw through the Registrar's Office at the Missoula College), unless the reasons are medically related. Medical withdrawals for both campuses are obtained by contacting Student Health Services.

Federal loans will be cancelled for future terms if students withdraw from the University at any time during a semester. Repayment of federal aid received for the current term may be required in accordance with federal rules and regulations. Students must appeal to have financial aid reinstated for the next term, even if financial aid was not received. Reinstatement of aid is granted only if there are exceptional reasons for withdrawal.

Withdrawal (unofficial)

Students who receive all failing or non-passing grades for a semester are assumed to have ceased attendance and are considered an "unofficial withdrawal." Further attendance will not be permitted until all federal funds are repaid in full unless the student can provide documentation from the faculty proving their attendance during the previous semester. Students receiving all non-passing grades for a semester should contact the Financial Aid Office immediately for assistance.


It is possible that students on financial aid who withdraw from school may not receive refunds. Any potential refund will be applied first to University balances and second to grants or loans.


Students who do not complete a semester may be required to repay unearned federal aid. Repayments are prorated for the number of days the students were officially enrolled and are billed through Business Services. Students may not receive further financial aid until repayment is made.

Visit Financial Aid's Website at


Carol Durnford
Associate Director
Financial Aid
218 Lommasson Center
Missoula, MT 59812
(406) 243-5510
Registrar's Office