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Welcome Letter-Choir Camp

June 22-28, 2014

Welcome to the University of Montana Summer Music Camp. We are very pleased that you are considering attending our camp.  The University of Montana's Summer Music Camp is an excellent opportunity for music and personal growth, offering the high school musician fulfilling and exciting experiences.    We are extremely proud of our camp faculty and counselors. They are true educators who believe in what they teach and enjoy sharing their passion and knowledge of music to future generation musicians.  You’ll find them to be not only experts in their field but also quality, caring individuals.  This is our second year of offering Choir camp and it promises to be bigger and better than last year.
Attached are files that show a sample schedule and a list of items to bring.  Please read through this information carefully.  Registration for all campers will take place in the lobby of the Music Building between 2:00 and 5:00pm on Sunday, June 22nd.  The building is located on Maurice Avenue, between Eddy and Connell Streets.   There is almost no parking available in front of or near the music building. Please view this Campus Parking Map showing available parking lots in relationship to the School of Music.  
At registration all payments will be due for any remaining balances for tuition and/or room and board for those living on campus for the week.  During registration you will h ave the option to signup for private lessons from one of our faculty members ($15 per lesson). Students planning to stay on campus are urged to arrive early in the registration period so that you will have time to meet your roommate and get settled into your room before the placement auditions begin.
On Sunday evening, auditions and a new Music Foundations Placement Check will take place throughout the registration time. (2:00-5:00pm) The Foundations course is a new music theory-based addition to our curriculum. All Choir camp members must meet with Dr. Edmonds during the registration period for a choir voicing.  Choir voicing will take place during the registration period in Rm 209 (Dr. Edmonds’ office) and will consist of a simple vocalization and melodic memory exercise.  At 5:00pm there will be a pizza dinner and a meeting for all campers, faculty and staff.  A brief meeting to introduce faculty members and counselors and discuss mini-courses will happen at 6:00pm.  Following this meeting, the first rehearsals will take place from 6:30 - 8:00pmAll campers must be present for these important Sunday evening events.
One of the exciting aspects of our UM Music Camp is the mini-course opportunity.  All campers will be able to select two classes, one to run Monday and Tuesday at 11:00am and the other meeting during the same hour on Thursday and Friday.  During the Sunday evening orientation meeting, students will be asked to indicate their first, second, and third choices for mini-courses.  Assignments will be posted on Monday morning.  Plan to list your preferences when you attend Sunday evening’s 6:00pm meeting.  
Another feature of the UM Music Camp is the optional lesson program.  Students wishing to arrange for private lessons, to be held in addition to the daily master class sessions, are welcome to do so during the Sunday afternoon placement auditions.  The charge for each half-hour lesson will be $15.00 and payment should be made directly to the teacher and not in the same payment as registration.  Lesson time(s) will be scheduled at a time when they do not conflict with camp activities.  Those wishing private lessons should bring the appropriate lesson materials to camp (etude books, solos, etc.)
There is a Special Student Solo Recital on Thursday evening.  If you wish to be considered for inclusion in this recital, you should plan to bring along a prepared solo.  A solo performed at music festival or contest this past spring would be an appropriate choice.  In any case, you will need to come prepared to play this piece if you wish to be considered for this honor.  Campers wishing to audition for a recital spot will do so during their entrance audition on Sunday evening.  A paid staff pianist is available, so an accompanist will be provided.  We feel this is an excellent opportunity to gain some valuable performing experience as well as deserved credit for having worked hard to develop outstanding music skills.
On Monday through Friday of the camp, we’ll be keeping you very busy with rehearsals, master-classes, and mini-courses from 8:30am until 6:00pm each day, with a break for lunch from Noon until 1:00pm.  Each afternoon from we will offer organized recreational activities.  All campers are invited to participate, or they may take advantage of the free time to schedule a private lesson, or to practice in our practice rooms, or just to enjoy some time off for relaxation.   Commuter campers may elect to leave the campus at 6:00pm.
Each evening, Monday through Friday, we will have special activities!  Please check the attached schedule for details.  All resident campers must attend all evening activities.  While commuting campers are not required to attend the evening activities, we believe these activities/recitals are an integral part of the camp, and therefore we strongly encourage your attendance.  Please share with your relatives, friends, and hometown music teachers that the camp will close with a final concert scheduled to begin at 11:00am on the last day of camp, Saturday, June 28th.  The concert will be held in the Dennison Theatre.  This performance will be open to the public with no admission charge, and everyone is encouraged to join us.  The Recording Center of Missoula will be recording the concert and you may order CD’s for later delivery. (406-721-4172)
Resident campers will be staying in one of our many dormitories we have on the UM campus,  with University music students serving as full-time counselors.  Even though you will be housed in a dormitory, any mail from family and friends is to be sent to you at the following address:  UM Band Camp, C/O School of Music, The University of Montana, Missoula, MT  59812.  Mail received will be distributed daily.  Attached is a sample "What to Bring" list of suggested items to be brought along with you.  Remember, the camp is just one week long, and those of you living on campus should plan wisely and pack accordingly.  If you are commuting each day from a residence in the area, there are still some items shown on the list, which you should bring along, too.  Be sure to note carefully the items on the attached sheet.  Meals for resident campers will be provided from Monday breakfast through Friday supper.  Commuter campers have the option to purchase a meal card for lunches only ($50) or lunch/dinner ($95) if they wish.  All campers will be provided pizza and pop on Sunday evening, June 22nd and a continental breakfast on Saturday, June 28th.  You will need to provide your own money for extra snacks during camp.
If you are planning to live on campus and will be driving yourself to Missoula for the camp (parking your car on campus), you will be required to turn in all sets of car keys to a member of our staff upon your arrival.  In addition, you will need to purchase weekly parking permits, at a cost of $10.00, at the Registration Table on Sunday.  Keys will be held for the week and will not be returned until the close of the camp on Saturday.  You will not be allowed to drive your car during the week of the camp without special permission from a member of the staff.  Students who are living off campus during the week of the camp and who are planning to commute each day will not be required to submit car keys.  However, they may not transport other campers without special permission.  Likewise, students living on campus are not to leave the premises in a vehicle at any time without special permission from a member of the staff.  The purpose of this policy is to minimize the potential risk to both campers and the camp itself.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation!  In addition, campers planning to park at the University will need to purchase daily parking permits, at a cost of $3.00 per day or 5-day passes for $10 at the Registration Table on Sunday.  Public Safety is vigilant about ticketing.
Attached is a copy of the camp schedule.  If you have questions or concerns, which have not been cleared up by this letter, please feel free to call us.  Also, we urge you to leave our numbers with your parents/guardians in the event they find it necessary to reach you night or day during the camp with an emergency message.  These numbers are listed below.
We are really looking forward to a great University of Montana Summer Music Camp.  We hope that you are getting excited about being with us and are preparing to work hard and have fun!  We’ll see you on Sunday, June 22nd, between 2:00 and 5:00pm.
David Edmonds (406) 243-2794
Director of Choral Activities
University of Montana School of Music
UM Choir Camp Director
Kevin Griggs (406) 243-2959
Associate Director of Bands
Director of the Grizzly Marching Band                          
Camp Coordinator