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Configuring Outlook 2011 for Exchange

When you configure Outlook 2011 for MS Exchange access to your email account, you have access to more than an email client. Exchange offers contact management, scheduling, and collaborative tools that you won't have with other email clients.

1. Click on Tools, then Accounts.

Outlook 2011 Mac 1

2.  Select Exchange Account.

Outlook 2011 Mac 2

3.  On the Account screen, enter the following:

  • Email address:
  • Select method: User Name and Password.
  • User name: enter the domain followed by first.last (example: um\first.last).
  • Enter your password.
  • Click Add Account.
  • The system should auto-configure your account.
  • Close this window. Outlook will begin delivering your email folders to your account and you can begin using the program.

Autoconfiguring Outlook 2011 for Mac

4. If the auto-configure process does not work, please continue with the following steps.

  • On the Accounts screen, uncheck Configure automatically.
  • Enter in the Server field if this is a computer that will only be used on campus. NOTE: If the computer will be used from home use

Outlook 2011 Mac 3

5. At the next screen, enter the following:

  • Account description: enter a description for your account (example: MSO account)
  • Personal information
  • Authentication
    • Method: select User Name and Password
    • User name: um\first.last
  • Click Advanced.

Outlook 2011 Mac 4

6.  If not entered, under Microsoft Exchange/Server, enter: NOTE: If the computer will be used from home, enter

7.  Under Directory service/Server, enter: Also make sure that Use ssl to connect is checked for both Microsoft Exchange and Directory Service. Click OK. NOTE: If the computer will be used from home, enter:

 Outlook 2011 Mac 5

8.  Your account is now setup and you will begin receiving your MSO mail.

9. If you encounter the following certificate message, click Continue.

Outlook Mac 2011 6

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