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Video & Innovative Productions (VIP) area

PTS offers the following production stations complete with nearby support staff:

  • Screencasting Stations: Windows PCs with Camtasia Studio and Snagit
  • Video Editing Station: Windows PC with Adobe Premier and Photoshop (and the rest of the Adobe Production Premium Creative Suite 5)
  • Macintosh with Final Cut Express and IMovie

These stations and software packages provide a step beyond the convenience of Camtasia Relay. With the software installed in the VIP area, more professional videos can be created.  For example:

  • edit videos or screencasts to enhance sound or video quality,
  • edit multiple audio and video tracks,
  • add calls outs, title clips and transitions,
  • record in Camtasia Studio to display cursor effects,
  • record a PowerPoint presentation with Camtasia Relay to create a clickable Table of Contents,
  • mix stills and video action, and
  • brand videos with a consistent start screen


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An Overview

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Digitized educational videos

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Camtasia Relay recordings

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Clickable Table of Contents (Play it, move your cursor over the left side of the video and click on desired slides.)

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Camtasia Studio recordings

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Special editing in Studio

(Submit a video to this showcase.)

For more information contact:

Adam Carroll
Audio/Video Technician
(406) 243-4875

Janet Sedgley
Systems Analyst / Instructional Technology
(406) 243-5452

  • Social Sciences 126
  • IT Office: 406.243.5350
  • IT Central: 406.243-HELP
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