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Group calls in Skype

Skype calls for groups

NOTE: Group calls are a for-charge service (prices listed on the Skype site).  Free 7-day trials of group calls are available.

To place a Skype call, select the desired contact and then the Call or Video call button (for audio only or video and audio respectively).  Once a call has been established, click on the Add People button.

three people in a Skype group call

Additional callers can also be added during a call by the button bar at the bottom of the call screen.  This button bar is shown below - the fifth item from the margin is the Add People button. 

call menu bar

More about Skype Group calls

Up to 10 people can join in a group video call (although a maximum of 5 is recommended).

"For the best video quality, we recommend you use a high-speed broadband connection of 4 Mbps down/512 kpbs up and a computer with a Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz processor. The minimum you'll need is a high-speed broadband connection of 512 kbps down/128 kpgs up and a computer with a 1 GHz processor." Quote from the Skype site.  For additional information about group video calling, please refer to the relevant Skype pages.

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