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iTunes U setup

  1. Request an account by using the iTunesU / Interactive Media Account Request form. A CRN number is needed for every section. (It usually takes around a week to get the necessary accounts and links established. Once an iTunesU account has been set up and made public, students can access it.)
  2. Faculty access is established immediately after the course area(s) is created (if the faculty member doesn't already have an account).
  3. To access iTunesU, log into with your Netid and then click on the iTunesU icon in the top left of the screen (highlighted in the image below).

Next select the desired course in the iTunesU screen - as shown in the image below.

iTunesU Store view with example UM course highlighted

Once a course is selected, the specific course information and associated podcasts and screen casts are listed (example below).

view of course page in iTunesU with command area highlighted

Managing iTunesU areas and files

From each course area the page's metadata and list of files can be edited.

  • Editing the page's metadata allows the information about the professor, course description, and tab titles to be changed.  To start the process select the "Edit Page" option from the menu (buttons with maroon text) on the right (see below).
  • To manage files (deleting and uploading) click on "Upload and Manage Files." 
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