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Trimming in Camtasia Relay

After creating a Camtasia recording, the preview window will appear.

  • Preview the recording by clicking on the forward button (bottom center) or by dragging the viewing marker to the location you wish to view.

move through the video by clicking on the play button or dragging the play head

  • After the initial preview, the start of the recording (specifically the part that displays any setup actions) may be trimmed. Select the Trimming button to open related options (middle left in the image above). Position the preview marker where the video should start, and select the "Set Presentation Start" button as shown below. Everything before the preview marker is marked for trimming as indicated by the light red background.

trimming the presentation start

  • Repeat the process, if desired, to trim the end of the recording (example below).

trimming the end

  • Click Save button to upload to server for processing.

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