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Setup and recorder download

These are instructions for installing a Camtasia Relay recorder on your machine. Follow the steps and examples shown in the images below.

Log into Camtasia Relay website with your UM NetID/password.

Use your netid and password to log into

Select either the Download Recorders or Camtasia Relay Recorders button.

Select Download Recorders once you log in

Select the appropriate operating system button from the list.

Select the appropriate operating system button from the list

Follow the steps to download the recorder. The next screen you see is dependent on your web browser version. The needed file is either automatically downloaded or can be downloaded or saved. Once downloaded, click on the file to install it.

When the process is complete, there will be a shortcut icon like the one shown below, installed on your desktop.

Camtasia Relay record shortcut

These steps are necessary on any computer (other than an electronic classroom computer) that is to be used for recording.

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