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Autocaptions with Camtasia Relay

Camtasia Relay has an new automatic captioning. Voice files are maintained for each individual user account which means that, over time and based on corrections, the captioning gets more and more truly automatic. However variations in microphones, voice degradation (due to colds) and specialized vocabulary will make reduce the accuracy of the automatic captioning.

Setting up your profile

If you wish to use auto-captioning, your profile needs to be set to allow captioning. (Please contact the Cascade administrator Adam Carroll, 243-4875.) Once your profile has been adjusted you can follow the steps listed below or watch the video created by TechSmith (link on right).

"Training" your voice

Simply recording a screencast is one way to train your voice files. Over time the voice recognition software gets better at understanding what you are saying.  However, directly editing the results speeds up the process (and corrects the original captioning attempts).


Editing an automatic caption is relatively simple - although it can be somewhat tedious. Voice files remain consistent when the text that is associated with a specific sound is directly selected. For example, if the dictation was "the boys were loud" and the automatic captioning is rendered "the boys were lad," it is recommended that the text "lad" is highlighted and the word loud typed so that lad is replaced with loud. Thus the sound of lad is associated with the correct spelling.


  1. Set up a profile to do automatic captioning.
  2. Create a recording.
  3. Log into the Camtasia application as shown below.

click on the application button in the top right corner of the relay recorder to log into the website

Enter your Netid and password to log into the Camtasia Relay application. Select the Presentations section (as highlighted in the image below in the gray bar across the top of the screen. Select the recording by clicking on it (in this case, caption12) and the details about that recording will be displayed on the right. Then select "Edit Captions" as shown in the middle right of the image.

within the Relay application, select the Presentations tab, the desired recording and then Edit captions

The Caption Editor window appears as shown below. The video and captions are displayed. The video (and associated captions) can be advanced using either the Play button (center bottom) or the slider (bottom left).

move through and edit captions by clicking on the Play button or dragging the play head

Once the captions have been edited, select the "Preview and Submit" tab. The captions can be previewed or simply submitted. 

To publish edited captions, click on Preview and Submit and then Publish.

Once they have been submitted they will be processed according to the profile under which they were recorded.


Microsoft Silverlight is required to edit captions.

(You are prompted to install it when choosing to edit captions.)

How to edit captions

TechSmith video about Caption Editing

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