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Advanced Camtasia Relay use

Your recordings can be placed automatically in iTunesU. Those steps are covered as the standard process in the main Camtasia area. 

This area is for those individuals who wish to have more control over the placement and production of their recordings in order to:

  • see their recordings before they are placed,
  • produce different sizes and formats at a later time,
  • edit the original recording and
  • determine the timing of iTunesU file placement.

In this scenario:

  • Files created with Camtasia Relay are processed according to the profile indicated by each client when they fill out the Interactive Media form.
  • Processed recordings are staged in temporary storage folders* (labeled with clients' NetIDs) on the Camtasia server or in permanent storage folders on the clients' computers or departmental servers.
  • Clients must then access the recordings directly, upload them to iTunesU, Youtube, or a web site and monitor their files relevant to the 30-day period limit on their Camtasia staging area.

To choose this option, we recommend that you identify a server where your recordings can be placed when finished.  (To do this complete a request through the Interactive Media request form.) If you have any questions, please discuss the options with Adam Carroll, 243-4875.  

*If you are temporarily storing for produced files on the central Camtasia server please note that Camtasia Relay recordings are removed from the server after a month.  Please copy any files to your computer or server before that time.

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