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Upgrade Java for Banner: March 28

It’s time to update the Banner servers to a new version of Java 6. We recognize that recent security issues with the Java Plug-in have caused concerns about Java installations on computers. However, since Banner requires Java to run, please note the following

  1. Banner server update: A new version of Java (Version 6 Update 43) was recently released. Beginning on March 28, the Banner Support website and Banner servers will run on this new release.  Please work with your Banner users to update their Java versions by March 27. Additional information and download steps are available on the Banner Support website. A message was sent directly to Banner users alerting them to this upgrade.  They were directed to contact their IT departmental administrator if they are unable to perform the update themselves.
  2. Java 7 and Banner: The most recent version of Java 7 (Version 7 Update 17) appears to work with Banner. However, there are some functions that don’t work correctly. If you or your users download Java 7 and run Banner with it, please keep in mind that you may have to uninstall it and install Java 6 update 43 to ensure correct Banner performance.  Ellucian, Banner’s parent company, has not certified Java 7 for Banner, but is currently in the testing phase. Once they have completed testing and communicate a support plan, we will pass that information along to you.
  3. Security recommendations: Because of the recent security issues with Java we are recommending that Java is removed from all machines unless it is required for Banner or another application.  For our Banner users we are recommending the following steps:
    • Enable Java in IE (which is the certified web browser for Banner) and use IE solely for running the application that requires Java (i.e. Banner). Set IE's home page to: to help remind users that IE is for Banner use only.
    • Disable Java in all other installed browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and have them use one of them for all other web access.
  4. Java and Mac computers: For our Mac Banner users, we are recommending the following updates. Unfortunately, these updates as well as the prior releases cause the text in the Banner screens to be very small (they have always been small, but are especially small) and difficult to read. We have to rely on Ellucian for a solution and once it’s available, we will let you know.
For questions or concerns, please contact IT Central at 243-HELP (4357).
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