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IronPort spam filter: new marketing filter

The University’s IronPort spam filter appliance has the ability to filter marketing email messages (ex: airline promotions). We have not yet activated this feature, but with the influx of marketing kinds of messages hitting our email system, we plan to do so very soon, beginning January 3. As we move forward with this new feature, we ask for your assistance in helping us determine the positive and/or negative impact of this new filter.

The filter can be setup in two ways: simply banning or removing the messages before they reach the recipient the same way it does with spam, or tag all messages being filtered as [Marketing] but go ahead and deliver the message to the recipient.

As an intermediary step, we will begin with the second option, which will allow us to observe the filter’s behavior and evaluate its effectiveness. During this initial phase, please let us know your experience. The filter will place a [Marketing] label in the subject line of messages that meet certain criteria. You can help us by letting us know what types of messages are being tagged and if messages you want to receive are being tagged.

After we begin filtering on January 3, send your feedback to: Once we review your feedback and evaluate the filter, we will determine the next step – whether to turn on the full filter or leave it as it is.

 Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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