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Current Students and Alumni

ELI students enjoying classHere you can find the resources you need as a continuing student at ELI. You can find links to on and off campus resources, extracurricular programs, and our student handbook.

Community Conversation Partner Program

ELI’s Conversation Partner Program offers students the opportunity to interact with native English speaking volunteers from the Missoula community. This program provides a friendly environment in which students can improve their speaking and listening skills, meet new people, learn more about American culture, and gain confidence in expressing their thoughts and ideas in English. By participating in the program, students can also share interesting aspects about their own cultures with people in the Missoula community.

In the Conversation Partner Program, students participate in small group conversations with native English speakers and other ELI students. Groups discuss a variety of topics about American culture, the students’ cultures, personal interests and hobbies, life experiences, goals, and so on. For the fall semester, conversation groups will meet for six one-hour sessions. Classes will take place on Tuesdays from 4:30 to 5:30 pm.

 If you are a student interested in signing up for the program, please fill out the Student Form.

 Questions or comments? Please contact ELI instructor, Sara Schroeder.

Student Volunteer Program

In America, people volunteer for many different reasons. Some people volunteer to gain valuable work experience; others volunteer to support an idea or cause. Most importantly, people volunteer to help other people.

By giving your time to volunteer organizations, you provide important services that would otherwise not be available in the community.

As an international student, volunteering means meeting and working with native speakers of English. Being part of a volunteer organization will allow you to practice your English in a non-academic environment, while making new friends and experiencing local American culture.

Please fill out the Volunteer Application to apply for the Volunteer Experience Program and return it to ELI by the end of the first week of class. We will take your volunteer interests into consideration when placing you with an organization. 

  • This is a semester-long commitment. We expect that when you are placed with a volunteer organization, you will dedicate one semester to them. 

Your volunteer hours will be determined by your organization, but you must not miss ELI class to volunteer. 

For more information, please contact Josh Rosenberger.

Parent Resources

Welcome parents of future ELI students! Staying connected and informed about ELI is important as your student prepares for their time in Montana. We hope you’ll find this site to be a helpful and easy resource. Please feel free to contact ELI if you have any questions.