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The University of Montana pays all student employees on a semi-monthly basis.

Cycle Examples & Pay Dates:
1st Payroll Cycle: The 19th of one month to the 1st day of the next.
Example Dates: August 19 - September 1.
Pay on the 15th.

2nd Payroll Cycle: The 2nd day of month through the 18th day of month.
Example Dates: September 2 - September 18.
Pay on the 1st.

Click here for the Semi-Monthly Pay Schedule.

Interim Checks & Missed Payroll Cycles:
With the increased frequency of payment to the students:

Interim checks processed for those missing a payroll cycle must be requested by the hiring department.
Or a missed payroll cycle can be processed with the next payroll cycle.

Time Roster Numbers:
Click here for a listing of the Departmental Time Roster Numbers.

It is imperative the Time Roster number box on the hiring card is completed.

This may be the same number already used as the Time Roster number for classified staff, faculty, administrators and contract professionals.

The Time Roster number is vital for viewing and entering the student's hours in the Griz Time Online (GTO) time entry system.

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