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This project involves collecting all the information we have been able to find in regard to which position supervises which and where each employee is located. We have entered data into the Banner system according to what we have been able to find and now need you to review the attached report, note any corrections and return that information to Human Resource Services.

On your report you will see that each employee is listed according to the time roster on which they currently print. We have included their name, Banner ID, position number, who they report to and where they are located.

"Where they are located" refers to the department associated with the employees’ primary duties. There are some employees who may perform functional duties in several departments - but there is only a single location code per position available for input into in our Banner system. Please choose the location code that best describes each person's location. As you review the location code listing you will notice that there is a basic structure to the list that will allow for various reports. For instance - all departments that report to the VP for Administration and Finance begin with the letter "F"; under that, you will see that Business Services is F02000 (6 digit code); and, as further breakdown under that, specialized units within Business Services exist, such as F02020 for Accounting Services.

"Who they report to" refers to the employee/position which supervises the listed employee. It is also possible that you have specific employees who report to more than one person. Again, we can only list a single "reports to" or "is supervised by" code so will need you to list only one person in that category. The information on this line is driven by position number - the structure is actually "which POSITION NUMBER supervises which position number." This way, as there is turnover in employees, we do not have to change the supervisory information - the position number will still point to the correct supervisor. You will only need to update the information if the position number of the supervisor is changed.

You will note that there are some currently vacant positions on your reports. For these we also need you to list the supervisor and location. This information is going to be utilized to produce a variety of different reports and we need to have complete information. You can change this information moving forward whenever it is necessary to do so.

Please do the following:

  • Review the attached listing for accuracy
  • Note any changes to either supervisor or location using the correct position number for supervisor and the correct location code from those available on the listing on the HRS website
  • Return the corrected report to the HRS office as soon as possible but no later than September 17, 2010



Click here to view the master list.


Click here to view a sample roster.


For questions please contact Deb Hayes or Terri Phillips, ext 6766.

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