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Take Charge of Your Career and Your Life

Career growth doesn't just happen. It must be planned and managed. Take charge and watch the world open up to you.

Future, hopes, expectations, dreams, passions, plans, goals, skills, results - all related


March 17 - May 12

There is no class on March 31.

Time: 4 - 5:30 p.m.
Location: University of Montana campus
James E. Todd Building
Hours of Instruction: 12
Course Fee: $330
Registration: Registration is closed
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Course Description:

This course will provide you with a practical understanding of personal growth and its relevance to managing your career as it helps you develop an understanding of your unique skills and motivations.  The use of tools such as the “Wheel of Life” and the “Wheel of Work” will aid in the identification of areas that can be targeted with specific goals and accountabilities to advance your growth and career objectives in a way that is meaningful and purposeful.  View the course outline for a complete list of covered subjects.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A greater understanding of how personal growth goals relate to career planning and management
  • Insight into your DATA (Desires, Abilities, Temperaments, and Attributes) that guide career decisions and strategies
  • Tools to help you manage your career in a proactive and positive way
  • How to manage your career in today’s job market
  • How to apply growth skills to managing more than just your career

Topics to be covered:

  • Personal growth strategies
  • Career management strategies
  • Setting personal goals for growth and career management
  • Learning from experience and its importance in career planning
  • Learning from successes and shortcomings to define character and to expand influence
  • Concepts of modeling, mentoring and coaching to utilize feedback as a way to grow

Recommended Readings:

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell, can be purchased online from

Job Shift by William Bridges, can be purchased online from

About the Instructor:

Instructor LarryLarry Fagerhaug has spent more than 30 years learning and practicing personal and organizational leadership in all areas inside large companies, as well as local community business.

As a business leader, he has served in Fortune 500 companies in the area of Sales, Management, Training, Leadership Development and Organization Development.  He has learned the principles of quality, Lean/Six Sigma and process improvement and has led teams and large organizations to understand leadership principles.  He has also applied these same skills in the nonprofit arena. 

Larry has a passion for engaging organizations, groups or individuals in working toward a better understanding of leadership and organization effectiveness.

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