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Digital Design Motion Cut Reel
Intro to Motion Design


Feb. 24 - April 4

Location: Online
Hours of Instruction: 36

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Deadline is Feb. 10.

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The final 6-week online course in the Digital Design Certificate Program focuses on Motion Design using Adobe After Effects.  While it is possible for some students to go into Motion Design without having had the first 3 courses in the series, it is not advisable.  Information in this program is offered sequentially and the lessons build upon one another.  If you have not taken Fundamentals of Digital Color and Design, Intro to Still Image Design, and Vector-based Illustration, but think you would like to register for this course, please contact the academic coordinator first.  Rick Hughes can be reached at

Course Description:

This course provides a thorough introduction to digital motion design using Adobe After Effects, the industry standard software program for visual effects and 2D motion design projects.  Learn the essentials of choosing bit-depth, creating multimedia projects, importing digitized video footage as well as Photoshop and Illustrator files. There will be a student project gallery, critique and feedback areas, and downloadable videos specific to the curriculum. Practical techniques will include viewing and managing footage, setting key frames, working with alpha channels, applying effects, and animating text. Watch demonstrations of nesting pre-compositions, cloning, and time remapping. 

Students should anticipate spending 2 hours on an exercise, 3 or more hours on a project, and 1 hour on peer review each week.  The course has an asynchronous learning environment which means students do not have to log on to the course at specific times. However, the instructors may post deadlines for course projects or other assignments.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the program students will have:
• A solid understanding of the basic toolsets and techniques of After Effects
• Enhanced design capabilities in Motion Design
• Knowledge of applicable technical standards
• A portfolio of motion design projects


Basic computer literacy and an interest in art and design for either personal or professional purposes.

Required Materials

Students can use either a Mac or a PC and need Adobe After Effects for this course.  All other resources will be provided.

View the necessary computer system requirements at

About the Instructor:

Instructor Photo: Greg TwiggGregory Twigg

Associate Professor, Media Arts
University of Montana
Teaching areas: Digital illustration, Motion Design

Twigg received a B.A. in Fine Art as a UM undergraduate, and later completed an MFA in the newly developing Media Arts sector. This combination of traditional and more cutting-edge studies has served him well, as he finds numerous ways to weave the two realms into his work.  After graduate school, Twigg worked full-time for a local advertising firm, where, for a year and a half, he sharpened his image and motion software skills. When  the opportunity arose to teach at the university in 2003, he seized it. Though he still keeps his hands in numerous, freelance opportunities, he has a passion and a gift for teaching his skills to others. He seems to truly appreciate being, as he says, "involved in the variety of creative work that students bring to the table" when working in the Media Arts. Awards: 2004 - Two Gold Addys were awarded by the Montana Addys for his animation work with the Montana Repertory Theater on commercials for their productions of "Steel Magnolias" and "A Streetcar Named Desire." Greg also was awarded a Judges Commendation on his animation for "Steel Magnolias." 

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