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Apprentice-Level Beekeeping Course

Participants will learn the basics of keeping honey bees, including bee biology and care of bees throughout the year.  This course meets face-to-face in Missoula.  Participants will be taught how to recognize common honey bee ailments and pests as well as the treatment for them.  By the end of this course, participants will be able to manage honey bee colonies for maximum bee health and honey production.

Participants are expected to provide their own hive tool, and bee suit. A veil with canvas beekeeper gloves, plus a pollinator jacket or full suit are acceptable. Beekeeping supplies are available from Western Bee 1-800-548-8440.

Participants are also expected to have the text book, which is available at the UM Bookstore or online at or

Upon successful completion of the course, 2 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) will be awarded to participants. A certificate of completion will be mailed to each participant. 

The course offers optional academic credit and has been approved for one academic credit through The University of Montana Division of Biological Sciences as BIOB 191 Apprentice Beekeeping.  Students who opt to take the course for academic credit must pay an additional $135 credit recording fee.

Experienced beekeepers may opt to "test out" of the Apprentice-level course so that they may proceed to the Journeyman-level course.  More information and a link to online registration may be found on the Journeyman page.

Course text:

Storey’s Guide to Keeping Honey Bees
Malcom T. Sanford and Richard E. Bonney, Storey Publishing 2010
ISBN 978-1-60342-550-6 (pbl.: alk. Paper)
ISBN 978-1-60342-551-3 (hardcover : alkpaper)

Other materials will be provided in class as needed.

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Apprentice-Level Beekeeping Course

Course Dates
Mon, Weds, Fri,  5:30 - 7:30pm 

June 3 - June 21, 2013

20 hours class time

Jerry Bromenshenk, Scott Debnam & Phil Welch

Non-Credit Registration    Cost: $325

Credit Registration       Cost $460


This course meets face-to-face in the Fort Missoula Research Complex and Apiary
Missoula, MT


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