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journeyman level beekeeping course logoOnline Journeyman-Level Beekeeping

The Online Journeyman-Level Beekeeping course is the second step in the Master Beekeeper Certificate Program.

Throughout 24 hours of engaging online instruction, you will learn about honey bees' interactions with and relation to native pollinators, the honey bees' internal anatomy and structure as well as the uses of their external anatomy. This course covers diseases and pests in greater detail, including the use of a microscope for detection of pests.  We will cover treatments and alternative treatments, as well as methods to reduce the risk of honey bee losses due to pesticide exposure. 

We will take an in-depth look at pollination and flower anatomy as it relates to honey bee anatomy. When discussing diseases and pests, we will study the Trachael Mite, Nosema and the Varroa Mite, including a detailed discussion of lifecycle, sampling and diagnosis. The Journeyman course requires reading and interpretation of research papers and pollination contracts.

By the end of the Journeyman course, you will understand honey bees' place in the ecosystem and how their unique anatomy contributes to their interactions with the world, inside and outside the hive. You will also have the skills and knowledge necessary to diagnose and treat honey bee ailments and pests in a variety of ways

Students are required to have their own beekeeping clothing and equipment for this course.  Access to microscope is also required.

Course Syllabus

Registration for the Journeyman-Level course is restricted to those who have successfully completed the Apprentice-Level Beekeeping Course.

Experienced beekeepers may be able to test out of the Apprentice-level and go directly into the Journeyman-level class.  Please email to inquire about taking the test:

At the time of registration, students choose whether to take the course for academic credit (one University of Montana credit in Biology) or Continuing Education Units.  Course requirements are the same.  Whether or not the course is taken for academic credit, assignments, quizzes and tests are part of the learning process.  Students should be prepared to spend a minimum of three hours a week on this course.

Course text:

Beekeeping in Western Canada, T.I. Szabo, D.L. Nelson.  Information Services, Agriculture Canada in Ottawa, Ont.  ISBN 0662115015 (pbl.: alk.Paper). 

Participants are expected to have the textbook, which will be available through Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

Student from Bee Course holding up a section of the hive

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Online Journeyman-Level Beekeeping Course

Next planned course date:  June 2014

Jerry Bromenshenk, Scott Debnam & Phillip Welch

Enrollment is limited

Registration is not yet open.
Call 406-243-6496 for information.

Non-Credit Registration: $375

Credit Registration: $510

CEU/Academic Credit
2.4 CEUs

Optional: 1 academic credit in BIOB 291, Journeyman-Level Beekeeping.  Requires an additional $135 credit recording fee.

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