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Wintersession 2014 Call for Courses
January 2-23, 2014 

Scheduling Guidelines

Important Dates & Deadlines

June 21:
Call for courses distributed to departments and deans.

July 15:
Wintersession 2014 Budget Forms and Schedules are due to dean’s office. All forms should have department chair’s signature. Any deletions, additions, or subsequent changes should be submitted to SELL.

July 22:
Wintersession 2014 Budget Forms and Schedules are due from dean’s office to SELL. All forms should have dean’s signature.

Class Meeting Schedules

During Wintersession, three-credit courses meet daily at one of the following times: 9:00 a.m. – noon, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., or 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Please refer to Contact Times for more information. Courses meeting for fewer days must adhere to Board of Regents Policy 309.1 (

Contact Times

A course must provide a minimum of 750 contact minutes per academic credit. Courses offered for 1-2 credits, or meeting for fewer than 3 weeks, should begin at one of the times listed above and meet for the appropriate amount of contact time.

Consent of Instructor

Use Consent of Instructor (C/I) only when absolutely necessary. To allow registration for a course requiring consent, instructors must provide override permission via CyberBear for Faculty. To prevent unauthorized registrations, please list restrictions and prerequisites on the Schedule.

Instructor Compensation

Wintersession instructors earn $1,100 per credit, and courses are contingent upon adequate enrollment. Funding for Wintersession 2014 is limited. Please consult your dean’s office regarding available funding.

Enrollments and Course Cancellation Policies

Deans and department chairs should ensure that courses are adequately enrolled to attain unit enrollment goals. Decisions to conduct or cancel under-enrolled courses must be approved by the department chair and dean. If a department/school decides to cancel a course, notify Jeff Wimett at 243.4470 or immediately to implement payroll cancellation and other student record management procedures.

Limiting Enrollment

To meet FTE goals, limiting course enrollment during Wintersession is discouraged.

Course Descriptions for Seminars, Special Topics, Etc.

Please provide descriptions for courses not described in the current General Catalog by emailing a short paragraph to Jeff Wimett at SELL submits Course Proposals for 595 Special Topics to the UM Graduate School for approval. Courses may only be offered three times as special topic numbers. Special Topics courses that are offered more than three times must be approved by ASCRC as a regular course offering.

Post-Course Work

Faculty should manually submit grades to the Registrar’s Office. If post-course work is required, faculty should print out the class roster, enter grades, and submit the roster to the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible. Grades will be posted to student transcripts at the end of Spring Semester.

Publicity and Marketing

Prior to publication and/or release to the media, any advertising must be approved by SELL. SELL reviews materials for adherence to specific UM policies, particularly with regard to short courses.


Did you remember to…
1. Highlight all changes to the Schedule?
2. Provide correct dates for all courses?
3. Provide descriptions for all courses not described in UM’s current General Catalog?
4. Obtain appropriate signatures?
5. By July 15, submit all chair-signed forms to your dean’s office?

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