2013-2014 Course Catalog

The University Of Montana

College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences

David S. Forbes, Dean

Lori J. Morin, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

The College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences offers the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree; the Master of Science degrees in Neuroscience, Pharmaceutical Sciences,Toxicology, and Medicinal Chemistry; the Master of Public Health degree, the Master of Social Work degree, the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience, Toxicology, and Medicinal Chemistry.

The focus of these programs is to provide a composite of educational experiences that will produce a well-educated person and a highly trained, professional social worker, health care practitioner or scientist.