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Services & Support

Testing Services

Proctored Tests for non-Bitterroot College Students

The Bitterroot College proctors tests and exams for students not enrolled at the Bitterroot College. Contact Patty Skinner with BC Operations at (406) 375-0100 or to arrange for test proctoring. Test proctoring fee map apply.

Make-up Tests for Bitterroot College students

Bitterroot College students needing to schedule a make-up test or exam must fill out a Test Proctoring Request Form and submit form to Patty Skinner with BC Operations (406.375-0100).  Time and place for make-up testing will then be scheduled through BC Operations.

Disability Services for Students and Test Modifications

Bitterroot College students who receive a Verification of Eligibility Letter for Test Modifications from UM Disability Services for Students (DSS) are eligible for test modifications. To receive your DSS-approved test modifications complete the following:

  • Download Disability Services Test Modification Form
  • Present your Disability Services for Students (DSS) Verification of Eligibility Letter to your instructor
  • Fill out the Test Modification Form with your instructor; make sure instructor signs the form
  • Submit your completed Test Modification Form to Patty Skinner with BC Operations (406.375-0100) and follow through with scheduling test dates, times, and rooms

♦ IMPORTANT - Request all Test Modifications at least three (3) school days in advance of all tests

Need a Verification of Eligibility Letter for Test Modifications?
Schedule an appointment with BC DSS Coordinator Paul Koz – (406) 243-7931 or