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Bitterroot College Course Schedule - Summer 2014

You must be admitted to Missoula College (MC) before you can register for Bitterroot College (BC) courses. Once you have completed the application process, or if you are a returning BC/MC/UM student, you may go directly to CyberBear to register for BC courses.

All courses offered through the BC are identified with the section notation "H" and have the word "Hamilton" in the course title. Search for BC courses online via the CyberBear Class Schedule or Academic Planner Course Search.  Also use your Academic Planner (log-in via UM Login webpage) to search for courses and plan your schedule.

Bitterroot College Course Schedule printable version

For helpful registration links and handouts, visit the BC Registration link.

For course schedules from past semesters, visit the BC Past Course Schedules link.

Bitterroot College courses are held at the Bitterroot College, 274 Old Corvallis Road, Hamilton

Bitterroot College Summer 2014 college courses
start the week of May 27 and end the week of July 28

Bitterroot College Summer 2014 Course Schedule
Dept Crse No Sect Cr Title CRN Start Stop Day
CAPP 120 H60 3 Introduction to Computers  51181 10:00 AM 10:55 AM MTWR
CHMY 121N H60 3 Intro to General Chemistry  51182 5:30 PM 6:55 PM MTW
CHMY 122 H60 1 Intro to General Chemistry (optional lab) 51183 5:30 PM 8:30 PM R
M 90 H60 3 Introduction to Algebra  50644 9:00 AM 9:55 AM MTWR

Note: T=Tuesday, R=Thursday