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Academic Enrichment

The University of Montana


We want you to succeed in participating in an academic enrichment opportunity. Find a variety of scholarships to help your real-world experience come true.

Student Travel Fund

A fund set up to help students pursue their academic enrichment opportunities such as, civic engagement, internship, field experience, study abroad, undergraduate research, and more.

UM's General Scholarships

UM General Scholarship for currently enrolled students
Application deadline: February 1st

The University of Montana Scholarship Program draws together many endowed scholarships and donations into a single scholarship application form. Current UM students and former UM students can apply. A scholarship committee matches qualified applicants with the scholarship that best fits them.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Offering support to students seeking a real-world experience through studying abroad.

UM based Scholarships and others

A variety of scholarships from around UM that focus on funding/helping undergraduate students participate in academic enrichment experiences.

External Scholarships

Students who have demonstrated unusual ability, achievement, drive, leadership experience and manifested concern for others and or commitments to their fields of study should check out these scholarships.

Foreign Students Scholarships

Scholarships available to foreign students at The University of Montana.

UM Departmental Scholarship Page

Remember these lists are not inclusive. Please check with your college or department to see if a scholarship opportunity is available for your academic enrichment experience.

Additional Opportunities for Scholarships

UM Enrollment Services list of scholarships

UM Financial Aid Office list of scholarships

Davidson Honors College Scholarships

Native American Students Scholarships

Office for Civic Engagement

Office of Research and Educational Opportunties for Students

Study Abroad


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Academic Enrichment

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